Q: What is the minimum dollar amount required to join?
A: Each member is required to maintain a $25.00 balance in a share savings account. There is a one time $5.00 membership fee. There is a monthly fee $5.00 on accounts with an aggregate balance of less than $100.00.

Q: Who administers the credit union?
A: UDCU operations are overseen by a seven-member Board of Directors who are elected annually by the members. The board establishes policies and operating guidelines, and provides guidance and direction to the credit union staff. Day-to-day operation to the credit union is conducted by the credit union manager.

The Supervisory Committee, also comprised of volunteers, is responsible for overseeing the work of internal and external auditors. The Committee is responsible for ensuring that members’ assets are adequately safeguarded, accurate records are maintained, and proper business practices are followed.

Q: I have had credit problems in the past. Is a loan out of the questions for me?
A: Not necessarily. Counseling is available from the lending staff to help you repair your credit history.

Q: If I leave the District, can I maintain my membership in the credit union?

Q: How long will I have to work at EBMUD to become a member of UDCU?
A: Employees are eligible for membership in the credit union immediately upon hire.